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I just purchased an XP 2000+ and I'm using the stock HSF (on an asus a7v333). The monitor tells me that the fan is running at some 5400 rpm's, and from what I can tell this is just as fast as the volcano 7. Is there any benefit to installing the volcano 7?

Additionally, I have an enermax 30W PSU, and the monitor says it's fan is only spinning at like 2400 RPM's - does this seem a little low?

Any input will be most appreciated.
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  1. Not all fans produce the same air flow at the same rpm - depends on the design, size, etc. Check the CFM value of the fan for a better indication.

    Also, the differing designs of the heatsink itself, and material it is made of makes a huge difference.

    If the stock HSF gives acceptable temperatures (which it should) then little point replacing it unless you are going to overclock the chip.

  2. I have the enermax whisper and almost all 80mmX80mm fans or larger spin at around 2000-3000rpm. The fans last longer that way and a little bigger goes a long way (A=pie*r2). Your stock heatsink is ok if you don't overclock, I changed mine for Cidicom and got 10C drop in temp. Also MUCH quiter. The volcano 7 will definitely do a better job but probably louder.

    My Rig
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    AMD XP1800+ @ 1714 FSB 149
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    ATI 8500LE 128 @ 295/295
    SB Audigy platinum
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    LG Goldstar GCE-8320B sm
    Enermax 430W Whisper PS

    :eek: Who needs heatsinks and fans, I have an igloo :eek:
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