Blue Screen at Login?

I just recently reinstalled Win2K, and now I occassionally get a blue screen stop error:
Stop D1 (0x01280307 0x00002 0x0001 0xEB6C14BE)
Address EB6C14BE base at EB6C0600
DATE STAMP 3CC7ab4a uhcd.sys
Beginning dump of Physical Memory

I'm running a Pentium 4 2.53GHz, Win2K SP 3, 512Mb RAM, Creative Audigy Plat. Internal, Gainward Video Ti4200 GeForce 4, on an ASUS P4B533-E, but I think the Creative Playcenter 2 or the USB driver is causing the problems. I've also had problems with my HP OfficeJet d145 printer drivers, but I think I fixed them. Maybe not? Can anyone give me a heads up, it's kind of annoying having Windows crash when I log in. The Microsoft Knowledge Base didn't really have any answers.
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  1. UHCD.sys is part of your USB host controller. It could be the UHCD file itself or it could be a connected USB device causing the problem.

    Try disconnecting all USB devices and restarting your system a few times and see if the problem clears up... if it does it may be a device driver that's not initializing correctly during startup.

    According to the registry UHCD is a demand start i/o service. If you have an always-connected device, you can try switching it to Auto and see what happens...

    In the registry services can be of 4 different types:

    0 == start on boot.
    1 == Start with system.
    2 == Start automatically after system starts
    3 == start on demand from software
    4 == disabled

    To set UHCD to Auto you need to go into the registry and locate this key...


    You will find a value named "Start", change it to a 2 instead of a 3 and see if it works more reliably. If not put it back to 3, and look to device drivers for your answers.

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