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  1. Hello eddie151;

    We don't have any idea what you need the laptop to do so we can't judge which might be right for you.

    The major differences are:
    Graphics card. Asus has a gaming capable GT 540M dedicated graphics card and Sony has the integrated HD 3000.
    Weight & size: Asus is a light & thin model and Sony is a standard size/weight
    Battery life: Asus = 10hrs Sony = 6.5hrs
    Style: Asus has the 'MacBook' school of style going on. It' has a very thin bezel around the LCD screen. Sony's style is.... well you can judge for yourself.
  2. thank you for your reply.

    the laptop will be used manely for school work (im a civil engineer so auto cad etc) i am also into photography ie photo editing. there is a mistake in the sony laptop with amazon, it is the same model but comes with a ati 6630 graphics card. i also play games but nothing too demanding, thats what teh desk top is for.

    thank you again

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