AMD in Dell's Machine

Dell going to use AMD????

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"Dude, you are going to get Dell"


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  1. HP/compaq using them now, it is only a matter of time.....
  2. That day would be the day the messiah arrives! :wink:

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  3. Well that's a kick that AMD needs and a kick in the pants that Intel needs. Anyhow, I still wouldn't give Dell(or any other major OEM) my money. I'm too much into the personalization of my PC's at this point in my life. Also with the invention of PnP and auto type style BIOS, a 5 yr old could more or less put together a PC these days. When they begin to offer true customized systems down to mainboard and ram manufacturer I may go back. Building my own systems isn't necessarily cheaper, but I get better more rounded components.

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  4. Unlike Compaq and HP, Dell actually has a standard motherboard layout on most of their machines. They can take a standard retail motherboard.

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  5. Only if Hammer's a big success will Dell take up AMD CPUs. If it doesn't seriously kill P4s, then I'm sure Dell'll stick to the P4s.

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  6. Yes, unfortunately for AMD, everything right now depends on Hammer.

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  7. I only bought a dell because I needed a laptop, I want to build my own custom laptop tho :-P
  8. Who doesn't??

    Actually i know a guy who can order in ANY laptop parts...and he custom designed/made exterior cases........

    So essentially it would be liek mixing up all the best laptop parts from every manufacturer and puttign it into 1 casing.......heh

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  9. One problem with this scenario, is that they're only considering them for servers. And then only for leverage. So basically they'd use them for a much smaller market than the home user, and then only to barter with Intel for better pricing. That's not something real promising to me.

    <i>Past mistakes may make you look stupid, but avoiding future ones will make you look smart!</i>
  10. Opteron's price for the workstation and server market is more than perfect, and with Dell's help, could easily win the trust of so many, because it is cheap, most likely reliable, has a flexible 8-way support CPU and uses HyperTransport. IMO Opteron with Dells would easily offset the ClawHammer in home desktop OEM systems.

    When buying an AthlonXP, please make sure the bus is at 133MHZ, or you will get a lower speed!
  11. While several of your points are good and I agree with them, we don't know what Opteron will be selling for. Being a 100m plus transistor chip, it will cost much more to produce than Claw. Add to this the far lower production rate due to lower demand for servers and there is even more uncertainty as to the price of Opteron. AMD could sell Opteron for a grand/chip. Do you really consider that to be cheap?

    Relatively speaking it probably is cheap IF it offers performance competitive with other server chips in the price range. But we don't know yet.


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  12. That is what I was thinking, the Opteron is no Xeon-targetted competitor, and if it offers at least 80% of McKinley's performance (I think it is a sure bet that it won't be as good as McKinley), for most likely 1/4rth the price (about a grand then?), I have no doubt it will be be quite succesful in that range. Since it can be put in 8 ways, that would not only have overall much better performance, but it probably will draw less power and heat when put in racks, compared to McKinley. I could be wrong though, I have not looked at McKinley sheets, nor do I know much about how workstation and server CPUs are set up.

    When buying an AthlonXP, please make sure the bus is at 133MHZ, or you will get a lower speed!
  13. I would quite disagree. Clawhammer DP and Opteron 4-way servers would be the perfect thing for low-cost cluster farms or the likes and compete quite well with Xeons. I somehow doubt it'll be effective in the high end market as a 20% difference in performance could justifity a lot of extra cost. As that 20% could mean having to setup less servers. Plus there's the incredible brand-recognition factor in the server market, something even Intel's having problems with as the server market only knows Sun and IBM.

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