Some questiosn about a key

I have a full ( not upgrade ) genuine key for windows 7 ultimate. Can i use this key to upgrade from vista home premium, or is it only for clean full install? Also i don't have a CD, so what other way can i get it.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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  1. The short answer (according to MS) is yes. You can upgrade from Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium or Ultimate.

    If you have the license from a legitimate source, you should also have access to the media, even if you purchased the license on-line, you should have been able to download disk image to burn to DVD.

    Be sure to keep in mind you can't upgrade from a 32-bit to 64-bit version or vice versa.
  2. ok but i can use a full license to upgrade right??
  3. Yes. If you want to confirm, go to and look at the Windows 7 page. You should be able to confirm easily. In general, you can upgrade from a lower version of one Windows product to a higher level version of the next Windows product, with some exceptions.

    From a MS support forum, I found this:

    If you are running consumer editions of Windows Vista such as Home Basic or Premium, you can only upgrade to either Windows 7 Home Premium or Ultimate.

    Also, you cannot do downgrades, which means, if you are running Windows Vista Ultimate now, you cannot downgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium. You must do logical upgrades:

    Windows Vista Home Basic > Windows 7 Home Basic, Premium or Ultimate
    Windows Vista Home Premium > Windows 7 Home Premium or Ultimate
    Windows Vista Business > Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate
    Windows Vista Enterprise > Windows 7 Enterprise
    Windows Vista Ultimate > Windows 7 Ultimate.
  4. ok cool thanks
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