Best all-around HSF?

I've read a lot of the posts here concerning CPU cooling, and the most mentioned HSF seems to be the Thermaltake Volcano 7. Before I make a purchase, I'd like to get everyones input on the best all-around HSF. I don't plan to overclock, but I also only slightly care about noise. I just want to make sure my CPU is taken care of - currently using the default AMD HSF on an ASUS a7v333, and my CPU temp is usually 60-65 (50-55 using conventional thermostats).
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  1. well if it doesnt lockup then stick with what you have got!!!

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  2. I have an A7V333 and an XP2100+. I live in a hot climate, so I wanted the best heatsink, regardless of noise. My choice was the Alpha PAL 8045 with a Vantec Tornado 84 cfm fan. It's cool but noisy. With BIOS 1011 my cpu temperatures are in the 40-50C range.

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  3. best bet, see if you can find an all copper heasink,
    fan matter's but copper conducts heat better. :smile:

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  4. Get the CoolJag's JAC102C. The clip is hard to install but it performs good. It is noisy and heavy though...
  5. its all about trade offs.
    heat vs size vs noise

    larger hs = better
    more copper = generally better
    larger fan = better, more airflow for the same noise or equal airflow for less noise.

    personally i think the volcano7+ with speed ajustable fan is pretty good, as is my MCX-462 with mid speed 80mm pabt fan on a rheostat.

    <b>My CPU cooler is so Massive it bends Space and Time! :eek: </b>
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