My new system..any advice?

I am thinking of a new system. Do not want it to be the latest stuff, but want it cheap..At the same time, it really need to be able to play all recent (and mid to near future) games. Also wanna do some graphics/video editing..also I do engineering applications and simulations like matlab, ProEng..etc.

My suggestion are:
mobo: ECS, Socket A, VIA KT333, s1 AGP, 1 CNR, 5 PCI, w/ audio, LAN, promise RAID. Price=66.95$
proc: AMD XP2000 266Mhz BUS .18 MICRON INCLUDES - Heat Sink and Fan, 3 Year Warranty. Price=118.00$
ram: Kingston, Lifetime Warranty. 512MB 333MHz DDR PC2700 DIMM CL2.5. Price=135.00$
video: ATI, RADEON 8500 128MB DDR 32-bit 3D (OEM) w/ driver & S-video cable. Price=112.00$
Case+Power Supply: From nearby store, 250W (maybe 300W). Price=50.00$
CD Recorder: Mitsumi 40x20x48 CD-RW 485CTE IDE. Price = 60.85$

Total = 542.80$

I already have the rest of the stuff (HD, Keyboard, monitor...etc)...

What do you think?
Is the memory too much? or maybe enough? Is it good quality, or I can use faster?
Video card? Do you think it is enough for gaming? Do you recommend a better one?
CD Recorder: Do you think this one is ok? I did not make any extensive research, so if you think there are better ones, please tell me..

Do you think if I switched to P4, I cannot get the same performance with ROUGHLY the same money (maybe I can through additional 50$, but the performance need to be much better than this)...

Lastly, do you think this system will be enough for my applications...(above)....?

Any advices are welcome..
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  1. I think you are pretty good with that system. I really like Gigabyte for a mobo, but up to you.

    The processor is good, you can get it cheaper at though, i think $107.

    I would do CL2.0 instead if you can, it's faster memory.
    You could also consider an ATI Radeon 9000 Pro, about the same price, newer technology, about the same speed, 8500 a little faster in some tests.

    I would go with a Chieftec Case with a 350 or 400 watt power supply from, you can get that under $100, it's a full tower case with 2 fans.

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  2. That all looks good but for cases I would go with the 917K. I'm not sure who makes it but if you type in 917K in the search section of Price Watch it will show up. Its $44.00 delivered with 300 Watt PSU. I have 4 of these cases and they work great for my XP 2100+, 2 1600+ and my 2000+. Inexpensive but the power supplies are good and they come with one case fan.
  3. Hmm... here's a good setup:

    EPoX EP-8K2A5+ - ~$110
    XP2000+ - $118
    512MB PC2700 Samsung CL2.5 - ~$150 IIRC
    R8500 128MB is good, don't get the R900 PRO, cause it's probably about $110 anyways.
    Antec PLUS1060 w/ TruePower 330W PSU - ~$100 IIRC

    This'll be good enough for all the stuff you'll wanna do, a P4 will give better performance, but you'll have to overclock quite a bit.

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  4. Thanks for inputs...

    Do you think 512MB ram is too much..?
    Also, since you recommend CL2.0 you think it boosts performance considerably..( around 5-10%)?
  5. Very poor choices.

    ECS boards have a bad track record for sub-par quality. MSI, Asus, Abit, and Aopen all have boards in that price range (give or take $5). I'd suggest something with the SiS 745 chipset.

    You don't need PC2700 unless you plan on overclocking. The performance difference on a stock CPU bus of 2100MB/s (266) is negligable.

    There's a version of the 8500LE at Newegg that's 250/275 and overclocks to retail speed nicely, but doesn't support the DVI to CRT adapter for the second monitor if you need it. If you don't, it only cost $87. If you do, the Gigabyte 8500LE includes the $30 adapter for $99, and overclocks from 250/250 to 275/275 easily.

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  6. Thanks for your comments...
    but can the Sis board support 333MHz? I was thinking maybe AMD would increase their FSB one day, so I can re-use my I heard that even with the current AMD procs, using 333 memeory really helps, compared to 266..Is that true...?
  7. Using the faster memory doesnt improve performance to where it'll be noticeable....maybe in bench marks, but there we're talkin 3 percent increases. I don't believe any board officially supports the 333 bus of the upcoming AXP's. The "KT333" doesn't mean it supports Athlon 333 FSB processors, it means it supports 333DDR Ram. I saw a picture somewhere of a board w/ the 166 option in the BIOS to run the new XP's at 333, but I forget where.

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  8. yes... most of the modern chipset support 333fsb, at least unofficially.
    i know my epox 8k3a+ can easily run at 333fsb speeds. i did that with my old unlocked tbird chip.

    using 333mhz ram with the 266mhz bus speed does have some minor advantages over 266/266, but the real benefits are being lost until the 333fsb tbreds and barton cpu's arrive.

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  9. as for ram... 512mb is just nice for windows 2000 or XP.
    any decent gaming will need more than 256 easily.

    as for ram, most good quality PC2700 cas2.5 can do cas2. see if you can pick up some sambsung PC2700, its very good.

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  10. Hmmm... so it looks what I actually need is: a motherboard that can support the new-to-come technology (333MHz FSB, and PC2700 ram) so I can upgrade later easily, but at the same time can run my chosen current processor of 266MHz+PC2100 ram...

    What could that motherboard be...?
  11. well, i know for a fact that the majority of current kt333 chipsets can. all of the kt333's have the 1/5 divider for operation at 333 speeds, but some of the cheaper ones cant handle the high speed.

    my epox 8k3a+ has no problems though, nor would its replacment, the 8k5a2 or 8k5a3
    other boards like the MSI, abit, or soyo are also good choices.

    so thats what im planning on doing. sit pretty with my XP1800+ and PC3200 ram then upgrade to a nice 333fsb barton when it arrives

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  12. Why are you using PC3200 ram? From what I understood above is that PC2100 is enough (266MHz) the PC3200 higher than 333MHz..?
  13. well for a number of reasons...

    1. i overclock, so ram with extra headroom is allways nice
    2. very fast ram means that hard memory timings are no trouble.
    3. i prefer paying extra for high quality components
    4. the black ramsink on this ram is SOOOOO cool

    at the moment my ram is running at 175mhz, and with the hardest memory timings i can give it on this 8k3a+ mobo. even then it still needs 2.8v for perfect stablilty.

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  14. All KT333 chipsets will be to run FSB 333 AXP's.

    My recommended mobo: MSI KT3 Ultra2 $79

    This mobo is good performer, very stable and inexpensive.

    For CD-RW, Get LiteOn 40x/12x/48x
  15. no... not all. some of the cheap ones made my DFI or shuttle and others probably wont be able to handle the high FSB.
    of course thats CURRENT chipsets. when the 166FSB cpu's come out invaribly new boards will arrive that have been CERTIFIED to run 166fsb.

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  16. Thanks for advice...
    So I assume that the newer XPs to come will support the same socket..

    I will look into the recommended motherboards...

    Can this system survive for 2 years..? I mnea, in terms of ability to run apps+games..etc.?
  17. I wouldn't bank on all Mobos running the 333FSB......There could be a few w/ issues. Then you're F'd, without anyone to complain to. Until you see it supported officially, theres no "sure thing".

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  18. yaa... a modernboard that supports the 333fsb (really 166) should be able to handle any cpu to the end of the K7 product line. (with a bios update)

    as for 2 years... well given the pace of change i dont think ANY current system will last 2 years... not if you want to keep on the leading edge and play the latest and greatest games. apps on a 2 year old system will run fine, if a bit slowly... games... well that all depends on how much you can upgrade the graphics card.
    one year, yes
    18 months kinda yes
    2 years, debatable

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