800 usd budget

i'm sorry to ask the very vague question but i've to ask to have your advice

my current budget is 800usd.

and i've a desktop pc with i3 530, 4gb ddr3, h55 mb, 500 gb hdd, 4650 <taken from other pc>

so i've some options:

1. buy a 14 inches laptop with i5 2410M and 540 M ddr3. <730 usd>

2. buy a 14 inches laptop with i3 2330M and 540 M ddr3. <730 usd>

3. buy a 14 inches laptop with i3 2330M and 5470 M . <630 usd>

4. buy a 14 inches laptop with i3 2330M and 520 M ddr3. <660 usd>

5. buy a 14 inches laptop with i3 2330M and intel HD. <600 usd> + 6750/6770 PCIE card <120 usd> for desktop

6. buy a netbook <300 usd> + 6750/6670 PCIE card <125 usd>

laptop/netbook mainly used for office suit, internet, file storage and transfer and battery life with mobility. <no gaming at all except small games like angry bird or plant vs zombies>

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  1. I would pick No5.

    Logic being

    The HD3000 intergrated graphic on sandybridge is enough for office suits and internet. Game you mentioned shouldn't be problem.
    If you like to keep large number of webpages open and keep webbrowser running for day at a time then having a large memory 4Gb+ is very recommanded,

    option 1 is better then 2 cause for the same price i5 2410 is faster and have turbo.

    I am against netbooks because I can't stand slow computer. not going to recommand no6

    540M is about twice as good as 520m. I know it can handle a average game.
  2. i know the power of 540 and 520.

    but i'll use it mainly without ac adaptor which will force the laptop to be in optimus with onboard graphic to save battery on most times. so the advantage of both 540 and 520 is not that much without ac power. is it correct?

    also what's the advantage of 520 M over intel hd of i3? i mean in gaming power?

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