Did I make a mistake?

I have a new Asus P4B533-E motherboard and have ordered a Intel P4 2.4B CPU. I planned on getting a 1.8 or 2.0 CPU but jumped at the 2.4B CPU because I could buy if for $173 shipped, and because I do not plan on overclocking right away as I am still learning and still wanted a fast CPU. I need to order memory tomorrow and was Thinking about Corsair 512MB MEMORY XMS3200 (400MHZ BUS) 512MB DDR 64X64 (184PIN) UNBUFFERED CAS 2. $185.00

My plan was to buy componants (motherboard,CPU,Memory,video card)that were capable of good overclocking and that were fast without being overclocked so that I could get it set-up and then as I learned and time went by that I could overclock it and have a much faster system with the same componants. I admit I know next to nothing about overclocking and have been trying to learn from these fourms.

Now my trouble, I just read the post in this fourm by Bigbiggist(9-2-02)and after reading the replies I am concerned that after all my planning and research that I made a mistake by buying the 2.4B CPU instead of the 1.8 or 2.0

I would like to know what your opinions and suggestions are, and also:

1. With this MB and CPU what memory does it make sense to
buy being as I assume the 2.4B will not be good for
overclocking? I don't want to pay for fast DDR if I
cannot utilize it.

2. The owners manual for the MB says it only supports
PC2100/pc1600. Should I or can I safely use faster?

3. What can I expect this MB,CPU, and Memory (to be yet
decided on) to overclock to?

4. With this MB and CPU should I just forget the
overclocking and just run it at stock speed?
I assume I should have a good fast system anyway
without the OC.

Thanks to all in advance for your imput, I am getting anxious to get my system up and running and need to order the memory ASAP

p.s The rest of my system's main componants are:

Antec Plus1080amg case
Lite-on 48X cdrw
lite-on 16x DVD
XFX Georce4 Ti 4200 128 mb video card
Western Digital Special Edition 80 mb Hard drive
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  1. OK, the 2.4B will do 2700MHz at 150MHz FSB. That's not too shabby. And doing that, you can use the 3:4 CPU:DRAM ratio to get your memory to DDR400 speeds.

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  2. Thanks again Crashman,

    Pardon my uncertainty, I beleive you are saying that DDR 2700 cas 2.5 would be best for my situation?
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