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Hey guys I'm looking for a new laptop that will have to become my main computer for quite sometime and I would like to be able to also run some games on it as well as work, I'be been looking on dell outlet and have seen that most of the laptops either have the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD or the Integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000. And I have very little knowledge on laptops let alone laptop graphics cards. SO! I was wondering if you guys had any insights into which card is better AND if you guys have any suggestions on mid priced laptops (no more that $800) I would also love to hear those!

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  1. Both Intel HD 3000/GMA HD are low end cards and not recommended for gaming.If you need a gaming laptop,then you have to raise your budget
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  3. actually, intel HD or Graphic Media Accelerator are not dedicated card, which means they are build in the CPU or Motherboard Chipset for basic office working, video watching and other small games.

    advantage is lower the cost and battery comsumption so prolong the battery life.

    so depend on what game do u want to play, if u want to play movies, internet, office work and small games like plant vs zombies or facebook games, it's ok with Intel.

    but if u require more than this, u'll need to add a dedicated graphic card, depend on ur budget.

    so the choice of dedicated card will be depend on the brand, budget, size of laptop.
  4. hmmm ok thank you, would one of the graphics cards i mentioned earlier be able to handle League of Legends or WoW on the lowest graphics? i dont really care if the game looks good, im just going over seas for about a year and would like to be able to play those two games while im there, sadly i cant take my current rig with me.
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    intel hd 3000 should run easily run wow especially on low graphic sttings and low resolution
    check out this review
  6. 800USD for a gaming laptop. Take a look at HP DV6T Quad Edition.
    i7 - 2630QM, 6GB RAM DDR3 1600MHZ, 750GB HDD, VGA HD 6770 (Class 1, good for gaming)
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