Is 60 degrees Celsius a normal temperature for my laptop?

Hello, I have an HP Envy 15.6" 1270-ca and ever since I bought it it has been running at a very hot temperature. When it boots up, its at 40 degrees. After about 30 minutes with me on Word, its at 55 degrees. However, when I start gaming, it goes up to 78-85 degrees. Is that too hot? Lastly, I have been getting blue screens and freezes which are common signs of over heating. So should I scrap this computer and get a new one? Or are there ways I can fix this issue. Thanks in advance.
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  1. When gaming that temperature sounds a bit high, but my HP Pavilion dv6 gets about the same temperature when its under a decent load.
  2. @animaldude0614

    Your temperature is fine for a laptop. I think the bsod is caused by something else. What have you got on the bsod? Did you install an update, program, driver, firmware or change hardware lately?
  3. did you lean it recently with a air can could be dust build in making it to overheat
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