1900+ doesn't boot WinXP unless underclocked!?

I recently bought an AMD athlon xp 1900+ as an upgrade. I installed everything normally: the cpu, the swiftech heatsink, and made sure everything was secured. The computer posts and shows the 1900+ and the memory is fine, but when it gets to the winxp boot screen, it crashes and brings up the blue screen of death with the msg about PAGE_FAULT error.

My friend has had a similar problem on his asus board and for some reason was told to change his heatsink to allow this to work. He did and it worked. I had a volcano 7+ prior to my swiftech heatsink and after the desperate change, it made no difference. Keep in mind that my system was exactly the same except for the change with the cpu.

I then tried to underclock the cpu to see if winxp boots. I set the fsb and the cpu frequency to 100/100 instead of the 133/133. Interestingly with this setup and my clock underclocked to 1.2ghz instead of 1.6ghz, winxp is able to boot. Does anyone know what i can do to adjust this?

im on:

athlon xp 1900+
soyo k7 dragon plus+
updated bios
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  1. I have the exact setup as you, and had the same problem, page fault errors are RAM related, I hope you didn't get your M/B from Access Micro, thats where I got mine and their RMA department is the pits, I,ve been waiting a solid month to get the RAM replaced, and haven't heard a word, I bought some PC2100 RAM locally to run my machine. Heres the deal, the RAM I had, tested fine when I ran Memtest on it, but failed in the Windows environment, I thought I was never going to find out what the problem was, I got so mad I was ready to throw the computer out the door. Replacing the RAM solved my problem, I hope this helps you out, I'll be keeping an eye out for your posts since we've got the same M/B, CPU, and Heatsink. Ryan

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  2. yea i didnt think my details would be super important...everything worked just fine beforehand with my 1600+, but with the upgrade, somehow it didnt work. By the way, i tried my friend's 1800+ and like magic, everything was able to load. I was thinking maybe it's some issue between my mb and the cpu...I know the 1900+ is a working cpu but maybe it conflicts with the mb?

    some more details of my specs:

    2x crucial 256 pc2100
    seagate barracuda 80 gb hd
    im just using onboard sound
    windows xp professional
  3. check your cpu voltage, it should be between 1.65-1.75 volt (if i am not wrong), and then try to use one memory and once the problem occur again move it to the other slot. just try this, it might help

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  4. yea everything is fine including my memory...i used the same mem as the one with my old cpu; nothing changed, only the cpu...
  5. In between the installation of the old and new processor, you did clear the CMOS and reset it right.

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  6. check memory voltage in the bios, and make sure it is compatible to your memory requirement

    i still recommend you bring another memory and try all the slots

    try to install your windows again or borrow another one, maybe something wrong with your version

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  7. update: i changed my heatsink to a coolermaster copper heat pipe and voila...the computer boots and windows starts up...now i checked voltage and everything seemed the same from before...why would changing a heatsink alter this? Now i have a few problems as well although windows boots sometimes it locks up a bit and applications close. I tried running a few games, but of the graphics intensive games froze and crashed. I reinstalled the vid driver (latest nvidia detonator) and it still sometimes crashes. Internet explorer sometimes crashes as well as well as aim. I'm running a pny gf3ti200 gfx card and on my winxp. Would a format and clean reinstall of everything help at all?

    my cpu now idles at around 41 C to 43C and vcore is around 1.75-1.77 V

    im beginning to think that this crashing of apps may be an incompatibility with my video card? When i reinstalled the driver it said that the vid card isnt xp approved or something. Would that affect it?<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by swiftb1ade on 09/08/02 10:03 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  8. I can almost 100% gaurantee if u format and re-install windows ur problem will go away.....i had this problem when i upgraded a friends machine from a T-Bird 800Mhz to a T-Bird 1.333GHz.....

    I think its a problem windows has reading the CPU ID String.............

    formata nd re-install....and BTW the heatsink thing...thats BS......considering u had a TT Volcano 7+..so far thats the best cooler out of all the ones uve tried..........if the formatting and re-installing doesnt work........than looks like u might have a faulty CPU........just for kicks if thats the case.....swap in ur old 1600+ and see if it works ok..if it does......than id say the CPU is faulty (the 1900+) otherwise ur ram has problems...cuz page fault errors ive only seen occur when ur ram is runnign way out of spec or is faulty...........as for ur voltage.....1.75 VCore is the defualt.......so anywhere from 1.74-1.79 even is fine =)

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  9. Here is my way of attempting to fix such a problem.

    First remove everything but the video card.
    Reset BIOS from the jumper.
    BOOT fully.
    Add and boot each device separately and put each device in lower pci slot. Some slots by AGP share IRQs with the AGP.
    The order I use is
    Sound, Network, Other.
    Download new drivers and get all Microsoft updates.

    Else Format as a last result.

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  10. Try looking up your error in the Knowledge Base. You might find something there in case it's a software glitch.

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  11. could it be that something in the system just doesnt like the 133 fsb?
  12. I realise it is your choice, but I'm curious as to how you came to upgrade a 1600+ to a 1900+? It can't have been for the extra 200Mhz...

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  13. because the 1600 overheated due to a faulty clip on my heatsink...and i didnt feel like spending too much money 1900+ seemed the bang for the buck at the moment only 80 bux...besides the mb i have only supports up to 2100+
  14. your last heatsink was great and the current one as well.

    did you run memtest? if not please do, this will check your memory, keep it running for 5 loops

    try to post here your error messages so it would tell us what the errors are.

    once you are in windows (supposing you are successing to enter there) run motherboard monitor program and check your 12, 5 and 3.3 volt meters and post them.

    as other ppl said, make a clean and fresh install to windows and when u install graphic card driver, avoid chossing your driver manually, just put the cd and follow the instructions (some people go to device manager and install the driver from there, this could be workable only if you are 100% sure of what you should do)

    if you are using windows xp with via chipset do not install 4in1 unless u need it

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  15. Sounds to me like a power supply deficiency. When you use a CPU that is slightly slower, it sucks up just slightly less power and works. When you use a heat pipe it probably uses a fan that sucks up just a little bit less power and thus works.

    However, once you hit heavy processing and the CPU tries to drag on your power even more ... zappo, nada.

    Plus, in your stats you never mentioned your power supply. What wattage is it? What brand is it? What's the amperage for each rail?

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