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I have a Dell Inspiron 1526 (windows vista). I was playing a pc game then all of a sudden the computer just turned off. The laptop was plugged into the outlet, so the battery couldn't have died. I unplugged everything, took out the battery and let it rest for 30minutes.After the short time i pugged the adapter into the wall and the green light came on. However, when I pugged it into the laptop no light came on (the light where it tells when its charging) and the adapter's green light turned off. I tried it a second time and got the same response. Then I took the battery out and plugged the charger into the laptop. The response I got was there was no light to notify me if it was charging and the green light on the adapter went off. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Your house is either broken or your adapter is. Pick which one is cheaper and replace it.
    Btw does it work on battery power at all?
  2. No it wont turn on with just battery power
  3. Well then that changes things. It could be that your battery is dead (try and check that) and your adapter can't charge it. Or it could be your system is fried in some other way. Can you take the laptop apart? There could be physical signs of the damage near the plug in.

    I'm personally still voting for the power adapter, those things (especially dell ones) tend to crap out after just a few years.
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