Some of the keys on my acer laptop dont work

Is this a free service? I have a severe problem on my Acer 5580 laptop. I had a trojan generic and a worm generic infection after that, the usb ports dont work and about 80% of the keys on the keyboard dont work. even if I am pressing the f8 or the del key while booting.
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  1. Welcome to the forum.

    It is not a free "service". We provide our opinions and suggestions. It is up to you to decide to follow or not the suggestions provided in the forums.

    To get rid of virus 100% you need to reinstall OS. But you will lose all your data.

    Did you create/burn the recovery discs? If you did you could use them to reinstall OS (prefereably on a new hard drive since they are cheap).

    If you did not create the recovery discs, hit F10 (if it works) when booting. It will bring the recovery menu and restore OS to factory state (meaning like when you first bought it).

    You will lose all you data. Backing up your personal files is good idea but will also have a chance of copying the virus.
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