Will this Method for Swapping out Laptop Hard drive Work?

I'm going to swap out my laptop hard drive for a Seagate Momentum XT. I have Acronis Image and want to know if I can simply create an image of the current drive, save it on an external hard drive (WD Passport), install the new drive, boot from the Acronis boot CD, and then copy the image from the external drive to the new one and have it work?
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  1. Any opinions?
  2. I've never used the software, but if that is the procedure for doing just that then you'll just have to make sure that your laptop will boot from the software disc and support transferring the image from the passport to the new internal drive...
    Personally, I've always used drive copy and installed the new target drive in my tower with an adapter if ide or just lay the new sata drive beside the tower and clone the old drive to the new one and then put the new drive in the laptop and no problems...
    Check the software information and notes for specific limitations and procedures.
    Hope this helps....JQ
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