monkey with athlon fear

howdi! i've just upgraded my pc to an athlon 2000xp system. its been fine for 3 weeks but has decided now is the time to mess me around by hanging on boot up 3 times out of 4. the only way to get it to boot is by removing all the drives and adding them back one by one. this is fine for an immediate re-start, but come the morning it hangs again. why wouldn't it want to boot up when cold? i could understand if it was too hot.

athlon 2000xp
msi kt3 ultra mobo non-raid
512mb pc2700 ddr
40gb deskstar hd
13gb hd
40x asus cdrom
32x lg cdrw
nvidia geforce 32mb mx400
450w psu

anyone out there got any thoughts????
help appreciated

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  1. details.. details..

    what failed during boot? did it get thru memory post? did you hear any beeps? if so, find out what it means.

    if it didn't go past post, try reseating the modules. if that doesn't work, then replace it.

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  2. My bet is on that 13gig dinosaurs slowly slipping in and out of existence.

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  3. bad ide cables did that to me.

    <font color=green> there's more to life than increasing its speed -Ghandi</font color=green>
  4. How far does it get during boot? Does it POST?

  5. Quote:
    My bet is on that 13gig dinosaurs slowly slipping in and out of existence.

    My 4GB <A HREF="" target="_new">trilobite</A> is insulted. ;)

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  6. sorry fell asleep for a day! computer stopped and didnt start again until now.

    sometimes it gets to beeps, other times it stops without beeping or doing anything, diagnostic leds hang at a variety of different places. mostly fingering the memory, but if the memory modules are faulty why would it start working again ( ie now). i've tried disconnecting everything and putting it back, sometimes it boots other times no. its bizarre but it seems to be the morning that it doesnt like working when its cold. what the ££$%. ive tried a different power supply but it still wouldnt boot up?

    i've also reset the cmos jumpers so now it thinks its a 1250Mhz athlon but that doesnt seem to help either.


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  7. Sounds like your motherboard might be shorting with your case. Remove the motherboard from the case and place it an anti-static surface and try to boot it up that way. If it boots, that's your problem.... buy some plastic spacers to mount behind your mobo and your problem will go away....

    Wild guess, but it's worth trying since it doesn't require a lot of time.
  8. cheers! thats the kind of madness that would explain the erratic behaviour i'm getting...

    if the pc boots up sometimes and seems to work normally whenit does can the cpu, memory or mobo be damaged??
  9. bugger!

    it all failed, didnt even get to post, beeping this morning(uk time), no beeping at all this afternoon. didnt work, then worked this evening... could a virus have this kind of effect?

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  10. Only other thing I could tell you that hasn't been said already is the BIOS chip on your mobo might be bad.... I had somewhat similar problems about 2 weeks ago and replaced just about everything in my system before... Flashed the BIOS... everything... then I finally replaced my mobo, and voila, been running perfect ever sense.
  11. jeez... i'm hoping its nothing that drastic! otherwise ill just start burning money!

    ta anyways
  12. Return your motherboard for a replacement. Bad mobos are usually the fault of cheap mass production and as long you bought it from a halfway respectable company, you will get a replacement.... don't let them give you a line about how you need to contact the mobo manufacturer for a new BIOS chip... that is bullsh|t
  13. its an msi ms6380e motherboard that i got from a european company called komplett, cheap but i suspect youll be lucky to find them if youve got a problem!

    thanks for your help
  14. Just thought of another possibility.....have you checked when starting up that the Fan on your heatsink is not shorting? If it is, you mobo could be turning itself off...
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