GA-7VAXP with K7 1ghz

Is the K7 1ghz Tbird holding me back that much? How much would I benifit from upgrading to a faster cpu such as a 2000+ or so? I did run this performance test program on my computer with my old FIC AZ11 and in most test it actually scored higher than my current setup.

What I have now:
K7 1GHz Tbird 200FSB
Gigabyte GA-7VAXP
512MB PC3200 CL2 Corsair
Geforce 2 MX 32mb not DDR
20GB WD 7200 ATA100 Primary
13GB WD 5400 ATA66 Secondary

I was running:
256mb PC133
with the rest listed above

So whats holding me back the most? CPU? Video Card?

Im also running XP home.
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  1. Whoa.. Ive been monitoring my cpu temp and it appears to be steady around 56C-66C. I think Im in need of a better heatsink and some thermal compound.
  2. yep... invest in a copper one, and yes, k7 1ghz is holding u back in terms of gaming performance, so upgrade to a xp2000+ or somthing.
  3. Obviously a better CPU can help, but the REAL bottleneck is your graphic card! A GF2 MX is really weak if you are playing games. Just look at TH graphs. With SDR and 64 bits memory interface (if I don't remember wrong), memory can feed the GPU.

    If you really want a jump, buy at least a GF4 Ti 4200; if you have enough money, think about a ATI 9700 Pro.

    Oh yes, one more think. In case you want ALSO to upgrade your CPU and don't spend too much money, XP 1600+ is as low as $53 in newwegg.

    Hope this helps.

    DIY: read, buy, test, learn, reward yourself!
  4. ok.. I got a Dragon Orb 3 by thermal take.. it appears to have lowered my cpu temp some, but not a whole lot.. it keeps it down lower for longer. Im thinking my cpu is phuked from me playing with it too much, plus my FIC AZ11 sucked and had no monitors. my system temp is only 35C and my cpu temp gets to about 48-52c. Ive got 2 4" fans and 1 smaller one up top in the case, so air flow shouldnt be a problem. It seems to stay lower though when my case door is open so Im thinking maybe heat is getting trapped in at the top where the CPU and power supply are(there is no vent on top). Im gonna play with it some, maybe drill some vent holes on top, and see what happens.
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