PC Games Freeze, Cause Hard Drive Space to be lost?

Hello everyone. I have had a persistent problem with Windows 7. Sometimes when I play a game, the game will freeze for a brief moment of time (about 2 minutes). When I exit out of the game, I discover that a large chunk of my hard drive is missing space (anywhere from 5 to 10 Gigs).

This problem has been driving me crazy, and I'm hoping someone might know what it is because I only recently discovered the hard drive disappearance.

I've determined it definitely is a hardware issue at this point, if only because I re-installed Windows 7 just a few weeks ago but I'm still getting the problem.

Please, help me if you can!
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  1. Try running CleanUp utility from Steven Gould ... should delete the lost temp files and recover the space

  2. Tried it, only said there was 133 mb to be cleaned up. Still missing 8 Gigs :(.
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