Please forgive me for asking....but the new update to the P43.6G article dated today (a few minutes ago it was posted i believe) does a pretty good job of explaining away the picture of the chip that is contained in the article. It is stated that never was it indicated that the chip was in fact a 3.6G chip....

...but how do you explain the 3.3G markings on the chip if, in fact, you never intended to mislead people in to thinking this was in fact a legitimate new Intel chip? Are you claiming that the chip presented in the article is IN FACT a true 3.3G? Or was it altered? Sure, your TEXT never mentions that this is a legitimate chip, but the picture itself CLEARLY SHOWS 3.3G in the markings....that would, I assume, indicate that it is being presented as a 3.3G chip? IS IT?

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  1. >IS IT?

    Nope. Im not too sure, they may have combined two pictures, or altered one. not sure how these new pictures fit in, but they did kinda admit the picture wasnt real. It was/is a fake. Finally..

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  2. It could simply be a 3.3GHZ Unlocked sample, Intel wanted THG to be able to up the multi to 300 more MHZ easily without any hassle so perhaps any physical constraints would not occur and performance can stay fairly linear. But it still is not nice to keep that info away from us. At first I just thought it was the pic of the sample CPU but this turned into a huge debate, so I am not sure what to beleive anymore, I just assume a pic of a core in an article might have to do with the subject itself!

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  3. the way i read it was. intel or "whoever" they got their unlocked sample from. requested that a pic of that actual cpu should not be shown. so in other words THG tried to dupe up any old p4 pic to comply with their resource and leave us to think that that pic was indeed the chip in the benchmarks? maybe it's an innocent blunder they did to try and save face, but it must mean too that they don't regard their readers as intelligent and no one would realize that pic was indeed a fake.
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