my computer reboots itself!?!

Ok I just built a computer and it seems to work fine except for one little thing. After I'm on for a while (and the time varies anywhere from 5 minutes to say....2 hours, depending on what I'm doing) my computer decides to reboot. No errors pop up but I get that send error report message afterwards says that it is some driver (it doesnt say which one). Here my computer:
Pentium 4 2.4
Via P4PB Mobo
Leadtek GeForce 4 Ti 4800 SE (drivers for this may not be windows XP compliant yet..)
SB Live!
1GB Kingston DDR333 RAM
Maxtor 80GB hd (master)
Maxtor 60GB hd (slave)

I can't imagine that anything else would be causing this. My power supply is 420W I believe...I don't know if this could possibly have anything to do with it. I doubt its overheating with 6 fans inside (3 on case, 2 on video card and the heatsink). I really have no idea. It seems to reboot quicker when I play a game (specifically neocron) but sometimes I'll just be on the web and it will do it. Anyone have any clues?
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  1. WinXP is rebooting due to an error of some kind. It could really be any number of things. This is what you can do to narrow down the possibilities.

    Control Panel -->
    System -->
    Advanced "Tab" -->
    Untick "Automatically Restart"

    This will cause the computer to throw you a Blue Screen with an error code before it restarts (You'll have to manually restart) Once you figure out what the error code is, you can probably deduce what your problem is. Make sure and pay attention to the error code every time you Blue Screen, if you're getting various different codes, that's significant.

    Post back with some numbers!
  2. ha its funny how easy that was to fix. I think it may have been caused by a runtime error that neocron was giving me. If I get another error I'll be sure reply here with the numbers.
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