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Barton: The next K6-3?

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September 13, 2002 7:27:29 AM

Barton has some similarities compared to K6-3

1. K6-3 was more expensive to produce than K6-2, Barton AXP's are more expensive to produce than T-bred AXP's

2. K6-3 was little better than K6-2, Barton will be little better than T-bred AXP's

3. K6-3 was too late, Barton is similarly late.

K6-3 was not successful for these reasons. IMO, Barton is going to dissapoint us like K6-3.

Anybody to comment?

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September 13, 2002 10:06:14 AM

So, They delayed Barton. Make T'bred B longer, and improve Barton.

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September 13, 2002 10:23:26 AM

Probably you are right, but as long as Barton CPU get atractive prices, I will go for one of these. Is the only upgrade path I have right now (Epox 8KHA+ and Tbird 1.2Ghz).

So if you have a Tbred or even a Palomino CPU an expect a quantum jump, you will be dissapointed. But for low Palominos, Tbirds and Duron, Barton will be really healthy :-)

That's my point.

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September 13, 2002 7:53:53 PM

vs Ht nortwood yes like i say nothing can touch intel in 2002 Q1 Q2 Q3 and now i add Q4 and even maybe 2003 Q1 after that is P4.9 (presscott) so intel regain it lead for long time

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September 13, 2002 8:21:33 PM

Yes and no, K6-3 biggest problem it suffered from the same lousy FPU that the K6-2 had. This time around the Athlon's FPU is its strong point. The barton could be a really nice upgrade path for dual systems as well.

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September 13, 2002 8:47:53 PM

1)In relation to the size of the K6-3, Barton is tiny. Yes, it's bigger than TBRED but it's not sufficiently bigger that it's manufacturing costs are going to hurt AMD. Plus, UMC is going to be manufacturing Barton because FAB30 is gearing up for Hammer. Barton expense is not an issue.
2)K6-3 was, in some areas, much better than the K6-2, Pentium & Pentium II. The K6-3 suffered from the same weak FPU of the K6-2 and an inability to scale to competitive clock speeds. Barton has a very strong FPU and, as Tbred B has shown the Athlon still has headroom in it. I predict that, if needed, AMD could push Barton to 2.8GHz based on how Tbred B rev. is scaling.
3)Barton is late but not too late for it to effectively compete. AMD needs to crank up the clock speed though.

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