WinXP or Win98 for my new Alton XP2200?

Which should I go for. I mean dishing out 120 or so bucks for a new OS like XP is really worth it?
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  1. Yes, if you were using Win2000 I would probably say just keep it, but going from 98 to XP is a huge improvment. I value stability.

    At the very least you should be using 98se and you should pray that your system can be made stable.

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  2. Quote:
    Yes, if you were using Win2000 I would probably say just keep it, but going from 98 to XP is a huge improvment. I value stability.

    At the very least you should be using 98se and you should pray that your system can be made stable.

    Of course if you actually have good hardware, stable drivers, and don't run software written by monkeys, 98se is perfectly stable. :) I've seen a 98se file server run with over a six month uptime. Even my home 98se machine which has some of the cheapest non-VIA hardware imagineable doesn't even crash anymore, though it's not on 24/7. It's only on when I use it.

    Though actually ... that isn't entirely true. There's a bug in Unreal Tournament that when I play for like five hours straight or more, it eventually locks up if I don't exit the game and restart it sometime. But that's the only time my home PC ever locks up.

    But I do have to admit that Win2K (and I suppose XP) are even more stable. I've seen programs that <i>should</i> have caused BSODs and screwed the system over get handled well by my 2K box at work without flaw. And heck, I <i>do</i> leave my work box on 24/7 and it's had months of uptime. (Though my long uptimes do often get screwed by power outages which happen a lot more than they should here, and by changing hardware which requires a shutdown.)

    As much as I hate XP, I suppose at least it <i>is</i> stable. I still personally prefer 2K though. :)

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  3. why buying?...

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  4. I would go with XP.

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  5. Get XP. I like it a lot better than Win 98..<A HREF="" target="_new">XP Home for $79</A>, <A HREF="" target="_new">XP Pro for $128</A>

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  6. I have perfect stability under 98SE, thanks to the absense of VIA chipsets.

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  7. Win 98, even the second edition, still is not perfect. Of course, neither is Win XP. However, the NTFS of Win 2000 and Win XP is very nice if you have other people using your PC, especially kids. It also has very nice network setup and all the latest driver stuffs. Plus nice color! I was at Best Buy last October when XP went on sale and I love it!

  8. If I could figure out a way to play my OLD games on WIN XP, and disable the dam spyware, thiefing, sh*t Microsoft put in there, then I might think of useing XP. Untill then, WIN98SE for me all the way, and yes its perfectly stable :-)


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  9. ignore the re:...

    my buddy keep complaining how bad his setup run and say it must be 98se because people tell him it's bad and XP is a lot better. I was over his house and looked his box to see what's up, don't think there is any freeware on the net he didn't install. From bonzy buddy (or whatever they call that dumb monkey) swinging around to some real-time and date softwares... you name it I think he was running it. He didn't know most of those start running when he turn on his computer, showed him the nice list with ctrl+alt+del and he was surprised. Anyway, didn't bother with him much because I know even after a format he would reload all the garbage because they're "cool" or whatever. He doesn't want to get it that all that junk is killing his computer that's why everything run so slow on it and crash here and there.

    Anyway, dumb idiots like my buddy (when it comes to computers he is one) start saying it's the OS when it isn't. Others use some hardware that got some problems running in some boxes or with some other hardware around (soundblaster have those problems, or used to anyway)... then others jump on the vagon and start saying the same thing.

    Then there is the group of people who got to have everything that just got released because they have to be able to tell others they got it. Also have to tell the people who don't use it that what they still use is a POS and they should be using what they use because it's the best thing since sliced bread.

    and then there is the majority of people who use the same "old" thing, having no problems and laugh when they see dumb comments claiming all kind of stupid things. But it's always like that, something pops out and some people start calling the last one the worst POS ever.

    I used xp a couple of times and for a while each time, do I think any regular home user should go and buy it? I don't think so, useless waste of money. If you have problems already then another OS most likely not going to fix it. If everything is okay running your current OS then save your money and stay with it, in a couple of years we will be forced to chage OS anyway because companies going to make everything for newer OS's only.

    Anyone who need his/her home system running non-stop for 6 months should get a life.

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  10. Booky & All

    Every spyware aspect of XP can be disabled, and completely removed from your hard drive.

    I suggest subscribing to an XP IT email newsletter. One I subscribe to is TechRepublic ( There are many more. TechRepublic offers many useful step by step How To's for all of MS Oses, Linux, and a lot more topics.

    FYI: I am not affiliated with TechRepublic in any way.

    To receive these you do need to sign up for a free membership.

    Keep in mind: these sites provide these useful articles free based on the number of registered users and the number of messages they send. Sign-up for all you care to. It's not that hard to delete a few each week to make sure you keep on getting the free content.

    Here's an excerpt from a message titled "Learn how to remove Windows Messenger" from TechRepublic,


    When disabling Windows Messenger isn't quite enough, rest assured that
    Windows XP offers two options that will get rid of it completely.

    Follow these steps to remove Windows Messenger:

    1. From Notepad, open the Sysoc.inf file within the %systemroot\inf%

    2. Find the line that starts with msmsgs, and remove the word HIDE. Make
    sure you don't delete anything else!

    3. Save the changes and close Notepad.

    4. Open Control Panel and select Add/Remove Programs.

    5. Choose Add/Remove Windows Components. Check Windows Messenger, which
    should appear at the bottom of the list, and click Next.

    If you don't want to mess with the Sysoc.inf file, you can directly
    start the uninstall module for Windows Messenger. Here's how:

    1. Log on as a member of the administrators group.

    2. On the Start menu, select Run.

    3. Type
    RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove
    in the Run box. Make sure to type that in one line and exactly
    as specified, including the spaces and commas.

    The uninstallation process for Windows Messenger will begin.

    Again, they have more than XP How To's available.

    On the home page either sign up or click on "E-newsletters". Then sign-up on that page. After getting your Free membership you will see all the letters available.

    Send me a private message or email me if you need assistance, or have any questions.

    Good Luck!



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