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I need a little advise on an upgrade. I currently have a p4-1.5 on a th7-133 raid mb with 512 rambus. I have (4)wd 40.0g 7200 hd in the raid config. Video = Nvidia 2gts 32meg. I have to build a system for a friend for word processing and I am thinking of the following system as it is in my $$$ range. AMD 1900XP clocked to 1800MHZ, MSI KT3 Ultra2 Raid. 512 DDR and my smae hard drives and video. Do you think I would see a real gamming advantage over my relieble P4? Please let me know.
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  1. I would sell your old rig and start over, unless you know someone who just wants your mobo, cpu, and maybe the rdram. Or, you could just upgrade the video to an nvidia ti4200 for about $150. The amd upgrade would be fine if you already had ddram.
  2. Strengthen the weak links in your system. No need to spend big $$$ for a system that barely outperforms your current one. The weakest link in this case is the graphics card. Get yourself a Chaintech GeForce3 ti 200 for $90 at Overclock this card to above GeForce3 Ti 500 speed (not difficult, folks who bought this card at newegg have done this without doing anything extravagant). As for the CPU, is that thing overclockable? If so, overclock it!
  3. "The weakest link in this case is the graphics card"

    I agree with you there. Get a good video card.

    "As for the CPU, is that thing overclockable? If so, overclock it!"

    I would not recommend doing that. It will void the warrenty on virtually anything in your system.

    Knowledge is the key to understanding
  4. well i have a new ti4600 card to install but i run some autocad and visual studio. I really dont seem to wait on my hard drives for anything however when i compile the processor seems to lag behind. The upgrade in cpu and mb would not cost me anything such as i would use in friends system. So for a zero cost upgrade would going to an AMD be worth losing my P4?
  5. Isn't the 1.5 a willy? Yea, it would show a better performance ratio over your p4.
  6. Yeah, I agree.

    Knowledge is the key to understanding
  7. I agree with halkebul and everyone else - save the cash and go for a GeForce4 or Radeon 9700 Pro card.

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