Intel vs. AMD Processors for laptop

Which is a faster, more reliable processor - AMD Dual Core A4-3300M or an Intel Core i3 2310M 2.1 GHz?
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  1. You can compare any here:

    But to answer your question based on what you will find there: The intel is much better than the AMD.
  2. Much as I'm an AMD fan the A4-3300M would get CRUSHED by an i3 2310m. With that said the A4-3300M will have the edge in graphics power with the AMD GPU integrated into the package creating an APU. so it depends on what you're doing is the best answer. Clock for clock the i3 is the better processor but if you're looking to do any sort of even mild gaming or graphics work the A4-3300M is the better choice assuming both laptops would be running the integrated graphics and not a separate chip in which case the i3 would pull far ahead of the AMD no matter what the AMD was paired with.
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