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i was planning on purchasing a laptop as a desktop replacement and was quite concerned about the issues of overheating. Will the laptop (say p4 2ghz) overheat
if i constantly use it for playing games (demanding FPS games like Unreal Tournament,GTA3, Counterstrike etc.), movies, and basically high demanding apps (3d studio max) 24/7 (like leaving it on all night etc.)

Also, whats the diff between a p4 2ghz M and p4 2.4ghz for laptop?
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  1. As for the overheating issue, if your notebook is constructed well then it shouldn't overheat unless you use it in hot areas. The difference between p4 2.0 and p4 2.0m is that the p4 2.0m is the mobile version. It's more expensive and I think it has speedstep technology to help save power. The p4 2.0 is the actual desktop version of the p4. Thus it isn't made for notebooks so it doesn't have all the features the p4 2.0m has, but its less pricy.
  2. I have a Sony f680. ( 15", PIII-800, 384 ram) I travel quite a bit and have played crimson skies, quake, and JNII. I havent had any lock ups on the unit and it is 1.5 yrs old. Although the fan is starting to get louder but I think it is time for a new laptop. I dont think that they heat will be an issue as I live and work in Arizona and havent had any probkems so far.
  3. what if i kept the laptop on 24/7 without shutting it off??
  4. If your buying this oem the company not exactly gonna let there laptop overheat if left on all the time. Think how many warranty claims they would have from messed-up laptops etc.

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  5. I would recommend getting a loptop with a mobile version of whatever chip you are getting. From what I have seen they are much cooler running and quieter. I have a mobile Athlon XP in a Compaq and it is virtually silent all of the time.

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  6. High speed cpu's all make the laptop hot. But it will not overheat and die.

    I have a pentium 3 800mhz desktop cpu and it does not overheat at all. It even gets pretty hot sometimes too and it has never overheated.

    a pentium 4M m for mobile, will never overheat. Because the pentium 4 will throttle down if it gets too hot. Besides it has steppings. It never actually runs at 2ghz when on the road. It sets the speed accordign to what you need for the application. If your not using much processing it scales it back.

    you worrying about something thats nothing.

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  7. I want to know if I can replace P3 desktop CPU in my laptop
    with a Mobile P3 since I am currently having overheating
    problem with my laptop. I asked this question in an earlier
    post but I'm not getting any replies, hope someone reading
    this post will help me.
  8. Unitron! sweet, i love transformers! heh

    Hmmm i don't think you can really. Because the mobile chips are a different size i think then the desktop cpu.

    I would just call up your manufacture and say "hey, my laptop is overheating and feezing up and causing all kinds of problems" and just beotch and complain and you'll get a new one.

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