Windows 7 Surround Sound Problem

I just bought a Inland pro sound 5.1 speaker system and plugged everything in correctly. When I go to my playback devices and set the 5.1 surround everything is working(as in I press Test and all the speakers work). But when I play music or watch a movie only the Front Left and Front right work and my Center, Subwoofer, Rear Left, and Rear right don't work. I think it could be a setting somewhere that I need to fix or a driver I need to install, I don't know where or how to fix it so if someone could please help me with my issue that would be great. I also posted this in the audio category but I only got one view in 3hours so i think i must of put that in the wrong place.
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  1. is the media that you are using have stereo or H264 sound,as a alternative look at Audio Sandbox
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