How to repair laptop motherboard

it has power problem
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  1. That is the most vague problem description ever.

    Can you elaborate? Will it not turn on? Will it not charge? Does it charge intermittently? What model is the system?

    Short of being a broken charging jack, most laptop boards are not repairable by the average person. eBay is a good source for used boards.
  2. You might want to check and see if your power jack is attached with a screw so you can replace it. If it is soldered you might want to just look for a replacement board.
  3. If you're into repairing circuit boards you can replace a soldered in power jack if that's your problem. In fact, I'd be surprised if they weren't all soldered in. Any screws would be to add strength. The trick may be to find one. Try the OEM first.
  4. I have replaced several power jacks that had only a screw and a plug to the mb holding them them in place it wasn't just for support. They are not all soldered to the board.
  5. abbahtech said:
    it has power problem

    Yes it get start but immediately shut down.
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