Can I use XP instead of MP

Just fried 1 of my MP1500 - therefore either I buy a new one ~ £100 or can I replace both with 2 * XP2000 @ £76.38 each. If this can be done is it worth going for the XPs, I'm aware that they are not certified for dual use - how much of a risk am I taking / how much faster will i run? My board is a Tyan Tiger S2460. Thanks
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  1. I can't supply success rate percentages but I can say that in the RME-Athlon Success Survey a user successfully used dual XP 2000+ processors in this motherboard.

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  2. You <i>should</i> be fine. A lot of people have done something like this (tho I can't give success percentages either). You should check over at the forums for success rate...

    The most you should have to do is connect the L5 bridge on the AthlonXP (if it isn't already connected). Same technique as connecting the L1 bridges.

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  3. XP's produced after a certain date are no longer dual capable.

    There are a number of guides and articles on the net which show you how to recognise the difference. I'm sure google will help you here.
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