JVC Everio GZ-MC200

Hi, I'd like to buy the new jvc camera everio gz-mc200 that Tom's Hardware tested on January 13 2005,
but I still have some doubt so I would ask you basically two questions:
1) What does it means: "Don't buy it if You want a camcorder that shoots in 16/9" (it appears in the conclusions of the articles http://www20.graphics.tomshardware.com/video/20050113/jvc_everio-05.html).
2) I downloaded one of the test-movie (Ensemble.rar) that is, if I'm not wrong, in Ultra Fine mode. After unzipped it I saw that Ensemble.avi was 174 Mb and long about 8 seconds (it could mean that in a dvd you can store no more than 4 minute??).
Is there anyone that can answer to my questions and even add personal opinion for example about the absence of the viewfinder? Could be difficult to make video in very sunny day with much brightness only using display...
Thank you very much for your precious informations and excuse me for my english that is not really good :)
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  1. 1) If you wanted wide screen i.e. 16:9 ratio then this isnt the camera for you. It sounds like it probably shoots in the common 4:3 ratio which was typical for tv's. If you have purchased a DVD in the past few years you probably have noticed two formats FULL SCREEN (4:3) and WIDE SCREEN (16:9).

    2) The AVI format is basically uncompressed data. It will take a huge amount of space. However when recorded onto DVD, it will be converted from AVI to MPG2 which will result in significantly smaller files. You should be able to get around an hour of video onto a DVD. Compression settings, video content, and features will effect the amount per disk.

    The viewfinder comes in handy. If I am going to do some lengthy shooting, I will opt for the viewfinder opposed to the lcd screen which will reduce the battery charge quicker.

  2. Thanks for your timely reply, I know the difference between 4:3 and 16:9 but it seemed to me a little bit strange that a so hi-tech camera makes movie only using the old format. Anyway, today I'found the confirm that it's not the camera for me: I didn't realized before about the absence of remote control!? I think that for about 1000 euro it should be in the pack.
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