Google told to delete people from search results

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  1. If I am not mistaken, Google pulls all of its information from publicly accessible documents and sources, which means that information is available without Google if someone had the inclination to find it. Google simply makes this information more readily accessible.
  2. Slightly different example but sort of similar result, e.g. your home is sort of in public domain as well, and anyone can find it if they want too. But that doesn't mean they have the right to enter your home, right?

    I think Google has been trying to expand everywhere without giving due consideration to some of its actions. Beside when a corporation gets this big, things can get bit messy. I strongly believe that no corporation should be allowed to become so powerful that it can dictate things at its own will. IMO Google is a monopoly and should dealt with accordingly.
  3. In the same spirit of the topic most of your personal items are inside the house away from prying eyes. If you post the info online and Google categorizes it for search they are just doing their jobs.

    For example all the things you post on Facebook can and will be made readily accessible online. Its not always Google's fault if you live in a house with no walls.
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