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Hey all, first post here and I need some advice. My box all of a sudden has been acting funny I'll turn it on and it'll freeze either on the boot up or right after it gets done booting up. So I'll shut the computer off and when i try and turn it back on it won't start up I'll leave for 20 minutes and come back (with the power switch in the back turned on, if i don't leave that on it won't boot up at all)...and I'll turn it on but it just does the same thing and freezes. Now it won't shutoff itself it'll just sit there and freeze. Now the computers new but the case and the power supply are on their second go around. So i thought maybe it might be the power supply thats gotten old thats why it takes a while for the thing to in a sense charge up after twenty minutes, but doesn't have enough juice to power the thing...or maybe its the motherboard, who knows but I need advice, guys help me out if u can with any advice. Thanks. Brent
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  1. You'll need to provide more info for anyone to help. List your configuration before the failure and after the failure. If nothing has changed, then list any errors. If no errors occurred, then described how far you got into the boot and what screens actually showed. Describe the error in more detail too. What screens did you see? Did scandisk (win98) or xp's disk checker come on? Since you said it sometimes froze after it booted up, you should have seen these screens. You should have also seen a safe mode option screen.

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