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1. I recently bought an Athlon XP 1800+, Corsair XMS 2700 256 MB, and EPOX 8k3A+ (with raid), I use AS2 on the processor, when I set the DRAM clock by SPD, it detect DDR 333, but can come up problems, but if I raise the voltage to 2.8 (default 2.5) memory become stable, so I have to change it to PC 2100, is it has to be like this??? by the way memory setting is Turbo, but the same if I change to normal, the heat when the case is close 62-63 for CPU and 42 for system, when open CPU 57 and system 40, I've got 1 fan rear, 1 fan in front and also slot fan near my GF2 GTS Pro 64MB DDR, my sound card is SB Live 5.1 series, 1 Pioneer DVD, 1 Sony CDRW, and 1 CDROM Asus 52X

2. I've tried to install Win98, it's okay in the beginning, after some time, there are illegal operation, but the computer is not hang up, but keep showing things like that, and yesterday the windows won't boot, when just enter the windows environment it shows error "msgsrv2.dll bla.. bla.." what's this...

3. and then I install winXP, during the installation I insert the disk for RAID, and in the end, there's blue screen came up, dumping etc.. and many cross linked file, so I have to install it again, and in the second I use the windows RAID driver, the installation is success.. but when it comes to windows environment, blue screen appears again.. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. this is really drive me nuts.. is it my memory or processor or board, oh btw.. before installation I already install the newest BIOS, it's Via2185 something like that

somebody please tell me what to do.. it's been a week since I upgrade my computer.. and what I do everyday just reinstall and reinstall again.. please any advice or suggestion.. would be greatly appreciated..

thanks in advance
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  1. I would install windows in the default settings, and put all your devices on the non-raid ports, then switch the hard drive over after installing the raid driver. Format and use fdisk. I delete all partitions, and then start up with the windows cd and let it format.
  2. You should look for updates for your mainboard.

    And I agree that you should install win98 with default configuration.

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  3. OK, so I have to install Win98, with all the drivers, including the raid, while my HD in ATA position, after RAID install, I move to RAID and install WinXP in upgrade mode??? is that it???

    what about my memory that I mention before, why it's not working in 166 speed, because it's pc 2700, suppose to work in 166 DRAM CLOCK, and I go to corsair site and see the number that the memory should work in CAS 2, also I've seen many reviews before I buy this product.. but how come.. it cannot run stable in 166 DRAM Clock?
    I've already update my bios since the first time I bought these equipments..

    please advice, thanks

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  4. you are forgetting something...
    you have PC2700 running at 166... but the ram is probably rated for JUST cas2, not TURBO with everything else set to maximum.

    I too have the 8k3a+ but with a stick of PC3200.
    and even with the PC3200 ram i still need to bump up the voltage +0.1v to get it to run at 166mhz on Turbo settings. The memory timings of the 8K3A+ are the most extensive and HARSH i have ever seen. good for performance though!

    i bet you it will work fine running on 'normal' with cas 2.

    As for the CPU temps, If it doesnt crash, dont worry about it!
    The 8k3a+ reads from the internal sensor on the XP cpu, giving a high value... ive seen mine go up to 70+C with a bit of overclocking at it was still running fine.

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  5. OK, thanks.. yesterday I set everything by spd, actually, since two days ago, and everything seems works fine, and it seems my program runs faster, a lot faster, I can feel it while playing neverwinter nights, with full effect, the game is so smooth, not like before..

    OK so do suggest me now to install windows XP, and do i get extra performance boost from XP, and do I need to add the voltage for the DIMM, cause now still 2.5V

    thanks again

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