P4 2.8 System building advice (wanted -not given :) )

Hi, trying to build a new system that'll hopefully last me about five years (probably have no cash hanging around for upgrades -have to get mortgage, car etc. etc) so I'm trying to make it a good 'un. The specs are:-

430w PSU (enermax EG465P)
coolermaster ATC 110 SX1 case
P4 2.8 box (though using arctic silver3 so posibility of getting better cooler for Ocing later....)
Gigabyte GA-8IHXP - mobo
Gigabyte Radeon 9700 pro
Kingston PC1066 256MB rimms (2 of these)
USR 56k USB modem
Game Theatre XP 6.1
Viewsonic P95F
Keyboard and mouse
Lite-on 48125w
Altec 5100 6pc speakers
mitsumi floppy

anyone had any conflicts with any of these? would I do better getting different parts? Do I need anything else?

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  1. if u get a 1.8p4 or 1.7 celeron and put the cash you saved in your piggy bank you could upgrade to over 3ghz l8r and spend less money.
  2. "Do I need anything else?"

    Make sure you get game controller(s) (i.e. gamepad, joystick, etc.) for this system, because there's nothing more frustrating than playing QuakeIII with a keyboard. And speaking of games played with a keyboard, if ya like real-time-strategy games, buy Age of Mythology (not available til late october 2002 but can be pre-ordered). You won't be sorry!

    "Who drunk my apple juice?!"
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