My steam account

i lock myself out of my steam account
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  1. Contact Steam, no one would be able to help you here O.o
  2. Use a password you can remember next time...
  3. try not to use steam....
  4. How do I play Valve's games without Steam, pray tell?
  5. I guess your copy is less than legal, and not really purchased on your own accord.

    Try not to advocate piracy here, okay?
  6. You do realise we try to discourage piracy on these forums, right?
  7. what do expect from the kids, some sort of accountablity, lord forbid
  8. yes ill keep that in mind next time.....sorry....but then again i wouldn't be getting another game, guess desperation drove me to it.....
  9. HAHAHAHA your cool
  10. i see.....
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