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Qosmio x505 bios password reset


For the second time in a year my Toshiba qosmio x505-Q860 asks for a bios password and will not accept the correct password when entered. I work with computers so I document all passwords with proper case on rolodex cards for storage. If I cannot reset the Bios myself and I'm forced to send it in for repair again I will give up on Toshiba. The cost of the two repairs will be more than the costs of a replacement motherboard and processor.

Does anyone know of a way to reset the bios on the Qosmio X505-Q860? I'm aware of the security concerns with this type of question but I've got over a thousand hard earned purchased dollars in this laptop.

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    Discussions on how to bypass security measures are not allowed on Tom's forums. You can google an answer elsewhere or contact the vendor. If your claim is legit (and we have no way to verify that) it sounds like a defective computer and the vendor should fix gratis. Just be prepared to provide proof of ownership when you contact them.
  2. Thanks, I'll follow the advise, I can absolutely prove ownership...I bought it from Toshiba direct.
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