How can i format c with have window7 system???

:cry: comand promt ??? or how??? :cry:
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  1. Why do u need to format?
  2. if you format C: then make sure you're not loosing any valuable data.

    go into bios of notebook and select ODD as primary boot device in setup.

    insert Win7 OS installation disk and run installer.
  3. If you do not want anything that is on your C drive or you have already backed it up then go into computer and right click on the C drive and select format. If it does not work because windows is in use then go into the bios and make the cd rom as the first boot option and save and exit and put in the windows instalation disc , then it will show you the partition that is on your hdd and you want to eliminate the current partition and then create a new one and format it and load windows.
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