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My Pc sytem consists of Gigabyte MB 6VTXE-A Loaded with 128m sdram run on celeron cpu 1.2Gz L2 cache 256k Tulatin processor socket 370 and win 98se. Rated cpu voltage for this cpu is 1.475v but bios indicate high voltage of 1.87v.

Tested with another celeron cpu 1.2Gz on same MB. Obtain reading cpu voltage 1.375v although rated voltage is 1.5v.
Unfortunately this MB cannot adjust cpu voltage from bios.

I do not want to run cpu on this high voltage for fear of damage.All my applications can run with this cpu.The MB is ok. Anyone out there in the community have a solution for this.
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  1. Yeah... swap with the one that tested at 1.37 ;)
  2. Mask or jump the pins as shown in <A HREF="http://clocksmurf.homepage.dk/Tualatin2.htm" target="_new">this</A> article. See half way down "Jumping Vss to vid4 will give a default of 1.47...perfect"

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