Best Low Cost Laptop -Advice Needed

Please could anyone suggest a budget laptop (£350 max) that will perform the following tasks:

Downloading music / movies
Streaming movies / content to the TV
Web browsing
Light Microsoft Office Use

Any suggestions are much appreciated I would lliek to get the best possible for the money (even though it’s a low amount)

Thank You
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  1. acer aspire
  2. Hi Thank you for the advice this is what im currently looking at - Priced at £349

    if you can suggest any better I would be very interested?

  3. For the same price @ Comet:
    ASUS X53E-SX118V 15.6" LAPTOP
    It has the SandyBridge Core i3-2310M 2.1Ghz CPU and HD 3000 graphics.
    That compares to the X52F's Core i3-380M 2.53Ghz and HD graphics.
    The i3-380M is a tad stronger than the i3-2310M but you wouldn't notice the difference. 2310M would equal a Core i3-3xx CPU @ 2.4Ghz.
    The major improvement is the HD 3000 graphics which will help give you smooth HD video playback which is why the X53E is probably going to suit you better.
  4. WR2

    Thank you for your help much appreciated.

    Im going to reserve this online and collect over the weekend.

    I dont suppose its capable of playing low requirement games is it?

    My only other choice for my budget would be to try to pick up something a tad better on the used or refurbished front.

    Thank You
  5. I'm not clear on what 'playing low requirement games' actually means.

    But this Intel HD Graphics 3000 review will give you something of an idea how well it can run some of the games out there.
    It's a much better option for gaming than the i3-380M & Intel HD of the K52,
  6. I was just refering to things such as online silly games such as cafe world /farmville on facebook (sad I know but the mrs likes to play them)

    I have a pretty high spec desktop for my main that will do pretty much anything I ask of it and just need something as a portable solution (was even wondering about getting a netbook)

    Will I notice any difference in performance between the processors (I3 - 380M vs I3 2310M)?

    I dont suppose it will play world of warcraft with everything set as low as possible in case I wanted to get to the auction house and stuff when im away from home (im guessing not) but its not a requirement anyway would just be a added bonus.

    Thank You In Advance
  7. ajh1979 said:

    Will I notice any difference in performance between the processors (I3 - 380M vs I3 2310M)?

    ajh1979 said:
    I dont suppose it will play world of warcraft
    See the HD Graphics 3000 review link above.
  8. Sony Viao is always an excellent choice. It's my all-time favorite brand.
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