I will make an upgrad to my's only an AMD Duron 650Mhz.

But i don't no if I go to The Intel Pentium IV 2.533GHz or to the AMD ATLHON 2600+.
All benchmark tells that Intel is best in Mpeg4, but AMD is best in Mp3 and cpu benchmark.

What is the best CPU to convert divx????????

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  1. Which is best - AMD or Intel?...Ford or Chevy?
    Benchmarks are theoretical...if you use either the P4 2.5Ghz or the XP2600+ in real life applications you will probably not notice any difference between the two.
    With today's prices you can buy a P4 for $265 and an XP2600+ for $314 - therefore TODAY I'd take the P4.

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  2. Today, take the P4 as the 2600+ isn't out yet. But when the 2600 comes out, you can go either way. They are pretty comparable to each other in performance.

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  3. Historically Intel does better with multimedia style apps, Athlon with FPU intensive programs such as Autocad. Anyhow the bottom line, either way you go you'll be getting a powerful machine with either CPU. My house has 2 Athlons and 1 pentium. I'd go for whichever one is cheaper. Or even look at the ones running around 2 Ghz and spend the difference on a bigger HD. You'll need the storage space for the Divx movies anyhow :).

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  4. (insert a really [-peep-] big yawn, here)

    I actually had a family reunion where several people got into a full out brawl over "Which was better: Ford or Chevy".

    I mean, broken beer bottles, car keys, handfulls of hair, and oxygenated blood stains.

    The worx.

    The first 4 or 5 threads of stuff like this is entertaining. After 30 or 40, it just getz old.

    Anyways, on topic, I hear the Cyrix processors are AWESOME!!!!

    Wal-Mart is selling Microtel computers with Lindows installed. Look into it!

    (BTW; if you are reading the benchmarks, it should be [-peep-] obvious exactly which processor 0wNz at converting Divx...)

    P4's @ 3600Mhz ()wNz J00 4LL!!!!!!
  5. The P4 2.53GHz is $243 at and the XP2600+ is not yet selling, but MSRP is $299 or so. The 2.53 also beats the XP2600+ in divx, so your decision should be easy.

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  6. Which is better for games?
  7. Probably Ford. Maybe Chevy. Really depends. Buy a good videocard. That's what counts.

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  8. They'll both play games fine! Right now though, I'd get a P4. P4's are so reasonably priced, and in many cases the 2.53, 2.6, and 2.8 are better performers than the not even available 2600+.

    The 2.26GHz P4 goes for $189, only $40 more than a 2200+. The 2.26 is easily overclockable to 2.5 w/ stock cooling.
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