Whats most Athlon XP overclocable CPU?

I have a Soyo Dragon Plus and I have the Athlon XP 1700+. I want to upgrade, but the soyo specs say that the top processor that the Dragon Plus supports with the newest and maybe last(?) BIOS is the Athlon XP 2100+. I want to decide for something that is between the XP 1700 and the XP 2100. Or does the Dragon plus support a higher processor? Which processor is the most overclockable among the Athlon XP 1700, 1800, 1900, 2000, 2100? I want to OC with a Thermaltake Volcano 6cu+(7000rpm). Or would someone recommend a better HSF that attaches to the 4 holes on the MOBO?

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  1. y dont' u just overclock the 1700+?
    or if u REALLY want 2 get a faster CPU then get a 1900+ and overclock it to a 2100+

    read tom's latest HSF benchmark to help u decide, it's on the main page.
  2. Quote:
    Or would someone recommend a better HSF that attaches to the 4 holes on the MOBO?

    Volcano 7 ($15) or Volcano 9 ($28) or Volcano 7+ ($38).

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  3. They're all overpriced gimicks, there's better heatsinks out there.

    Thermalright, Sk6+, Slk-600/800, Ax7 all between $15 and $30
    Alpha Pal 8045t $35 (uses 4 mounting holes)
    Swiftech MCX-462+ $50 (uses 4 mounting holes)
    An 80mm fan, $5-15 depending on model and CFMs

    Soon enough, Intel will make the i845s...imagine dual channel Sdram...*shudder*
  4. Get a P4 NW for slightly more $$$, and OC the sh!t out of it; something no current AXP can do.
  5. "and OC the sh!t out of it"

    Slightly off topic here, but this is all highly subject to the quality of all your other pci/agp components. Some Nic's, and several cheap hard disks do not like anything near 37mhz on the pci.

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  6. Quote:
    Slightly off topic here, but this is all highly subject to the quality of all your other pci/agp components. Some Nic's, and several cheap hard disks do not like anything near 37mhz on the pci.

    The primary factor is your motherboard. Get a mobo that can run the AGP and PCI busses asynchronously from the FSB and it's a cake walk. Short of that, get a mobo that supports a 133MHz FSB (What P4 mobo <i>doesn't</i> these days?) and get a 1.8GHz P4a (100MHz FSB) and you've got really good odds on running at a 133MHz FSB to perform exactly the same as a 2.4GHz P4b processor. With this type of P4 OC, you don't even have to worry about RAM, PCI, AGP, etc. because you're still running everything in spec since the mobo was designed to handle a 133MHz FSB in the first place.

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  7. Yes, but what if he's looking for 3.6ghz with pc3700?

    What then?

    I guess you have to find a mainboard that has a 6 divider?

    Which one's have a 6 divider now?

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  8. Sorry for interrupting this discussion, but I think Jaime want to upgrade just the CPU, not mobo and/or RAM.

    As someone has already said, overclock your current CPU. Bear in mind that Palominos don't overclock really well, (less room as you get closer to the 2100+ model), why don't you wait to buy a Tbred 2400+? As THG report, it gives you more room for overclocking and the jump from you current 1700+ it will be noticeable.

    I don't know if your mobos support higher CPU than 2100+, but my guess is yes. Ask directly to Soyo or ask in mobo's forum.

    Hope this helps.

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  9. Beware Beware Beware....

    I just bought a volcano 7+ to put on my Tbird CPU. I have a soyo Dragon MOBO. Unfortunately there is a capacitor snuggled right up to the cpu socket that will not let me put on any heatsink that is bigger (in that dimension) than the socket. Take a look at your dragon+ and see if the capacitor is there. Its a tall cylinder between the cpu socket and the dimm slots.

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  10. Silver....That post about the 1.8 P4a running at 2.4 is pretty interesting. Do you need RDRAM that runs at 533 for this?

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  11. A serious word of advice please - you say you have an Athlon XP 1700 and want to upgrade to (up to) a 2100.

    ---- WHY --- ??????

    To get a better 3dMark score? To increase frame rates from 200 to 205 ??

    Come on - the money you will spend could go on beer, women (or men) and music.

    I mean - i like my computer (hence me being here) but lets have SOME perspective please!

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  12. Hey nurseMSIC....Wanna trade an athlon 2100xp for a 1700 xp...

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  13. Hey, seriously, NurseMSIC has a good point, why go out and spend money on a 2100? For the most part you can overclock a 1700 almost as high 2100. If you are looking for more boost here are your true options, wait for the TBreds, or buy a P4. If you check one of the recent articles, it shows that the P4 2.5A with 100 mhz FSB out OC's even the P4 2800, I belive it was 3150 for the final clock count. So, in review Stick with what you have, and Overclock the hell out of it, wait a month and a half or so and get a TBred, or go out and buy yourself a P4 and a new motherboard

    If a CPU can be overclocked, try and overclock it. Do this always and forever, unless, of coarse, you have a POS ecs motherboard. In that case, thank god it runs.
  14. I agree with both of you. You will see almost no difference in the two cpus. Someone here has a good rule of thumb. When the latest chip outperforms your by 2x then it is time to upgrade. Until then you can OC it to make up the difference.

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