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Okay, I have an OS installation/partitioning question for all of you experts out there. I've just built built a new system and I'm ready to partition my drives and install the OS. Here's my situation:

I have 2 hard drives set up in RAID 0. I've already set up the array using the RAID utility on the motherboard.
I have a Windows XP Professional OEM CD.
I have a Windows 98 SE CD.
I have a Partition Magic 8.0 CD.

What I want:
1 NTFS partition for Windows XP.
1 FAT32 partition for Windows 98.
3 other NTFS partitions for other applications and data.
The ability to boot into either XP or 98.

What's the best way to go about doing this? Do I partition with Partition Magic first or will the Windows XP installation process handle that? Which OS should I install first? I will be using XP primarily but I just want the option of 98/FAT32 in case I ever need it for anything.

I'm sure I could figure this out on my own eventually but I figured I'd ask so I can do this as painlessly as possible. I'd appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.
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  1. Use Partition Magic to partition and format the array first. Make sure to make at least 2 partitions (1 for Win 98 and another for WinXP). The Primary (C:\) must be set active and format as FAT32 for Win 98's OS.
    Install Win 98 first into Primary partition and WinXP next into 2nd partition (remember to choose new installation not upgrade, or it overdrives your Win98's OS). WinXP's setup will set dual-boot so you can choose either Win 98 or WinXp at startup.

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