Massive Problems With Windows 7

I have had this problem for 3 months now and it it getting really annoying! Every time I start my computer It freezes when it says Windows for around 10 minutes then it does the little animation thing to show the windows symbol, and then it freezes there for around 20 minutes! When it finally does load I log into my user account and everything seems normal but when I try to open programs, all my open programs stop responding and it stays like that for around 5 minutes and goes back to normal... And then it does it again. Also when I try playing most games it takes over half an hour to load one thing. Some more problems are when in a web browser such as internet explorer, google chrome and firefox, as soon as I open a new web page it freezes for around 2 minutes! I am not really good at this kind of stuff so i'll say as much specs as I can.

Windows 7 Home Premium 32-Bit
4 Gig Of Ram
Gigabyte Motherboard
Galaxy Graphics Card
Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q84000 @ 2.66GHz Processor

I tried re-installing windows 2 time, the first time I did not format My HD and the second time I did, but it did not work and it is still running like crap. I also took my case of my Pc and cleaned all of the contents inside such as the fan but it still doesn't work! Im pretty sure it is a hardware problem because I have reinstalled windows and restored my system to factory condition.
Please help me!! I really want my computer to run like normal!

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  1. Try reseating your CPU and graphics card and memory. Do it one thing at a time ie graphics card first etc. My computer wouldn't start recently when I screwed my graphics card in too tight.
  2. I'll try that now and post my results.

    Also my computer can start, it just takes forever to start.
  3. Did you say that you were unable to do a format? sounds like a bad drive.
  4. No, I Was Able To Format My Drive.

    Also The Re-seating Idea Did Not Work
  5. Bad hard drive.
  6. My bet is the Hard Drive dying
  7. Run Defrag, If it constantly restarts - Your hard drive.
    Oh did someone mention, when you get it up, backup needed data.
  8. +1 to daship and Scotteq. Sounds like a dying hard drive to me as well. Backup your data and get a new hard drive ASAP.
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