Frying chips..Help!

So I bought a brand new amd xp 2100..installed it woth a new Asus a7v 333...everythign was fine...Then I ordered a new cool heatsink and fan

I installed it with some arctic silver covering the chip and a little on the bottom...I booted up and no post text at all, no beeps nothing...Video card works fine so I know its the chip..I put the original AMD heatsink and fan back on and still nothing....Any ideas??
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  1. Moab...I know this may siund stupid but check to make sure you video card is well seated in the agp socket. It should "snap" in at the last moment. If that doesn't work, remove the video card from the slot and put it back in. If that doesn't work, clear the cmos with the supplied jumper. If that doesn't work, check to make sure your cpu is seated well in its socket. Make sure your heatsink has full contact witht the cpu. If this doen't work then I'll write more.

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  2. I checked the vidoe card..its not that im sure of it...I think for whteer reason the chip got fried when I oput on the new heatsink..i read it takes like 1.4 seconds to fry chip if its not properly heatsinked....Maybe the new heatsink was too heavy? Im sticking with AMD recommended heatsinks form now on....Should I add soem arctic silver on the chip in addition to the wax on the bottom of the heatsink???
  3. Well...If you took the card out and put it back in... Try to reseat the cpu. Remove it, examine the pins for damage (bent), put it back in and put down the little lever thingy. Also, when you apply any thermal goo (artic silver) you need to only put on a "wafer thin" layer (monty python reference). I've heard that it can be electrically conductive in large quantities. Check to make sure you did not get any on the other componets/ leads of the cpu. It should only be on the cpu die. Did you smell anything burning when you booted the computer that first time?

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  4. Already tried to reseat the CPU..And on the 2100 chip there are no leads on top of the chips liek there were on the 1.4 for example ...No i didnt small anythign buring either..its a mystery ill tell ya....Do you usually keep the wax on the bottom of the heatsink or get rid fo it when suing arctic silver? Im gonna buya new chip today so ill let you knwo if ti works..if it does then im clueless what i did wrong...Unless that heatsink was not appropriate for that chip si the onyl thing i can thik of..I had it clamped down on both sides.
  5. Would u explian this a bit more ???

    I installed it with some arctic silver covering the chip and a little on the <b>bottom</b>...

    ?? On the bottom of what ? The Pins ???

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  6. No.... on the bottom of the heatsink...A thin layer like arctic silver recommends in there directions...I removed the wax totally
  7. If you use the actic silver then you will want to thoroughly remove the theramal pad (wax) on the bottom of the stock cooler. BTW, did you connect the fan power leads to the same power socket on the MOBO when you installed the new fan? If not, then the "fan-off-control" on the motherboard may be thinking that your cpu fan is dead. It acts as a safety switch that will shut down your system if the fan stops spinning.

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  8. Check this out..I may have answered my own question
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  10. So your telling us your chipped/cracked the core of ur CPU?? Why didnt u justtell us that in the first place?

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  11. he was hoping it was somthing else, "i broke it in two, but that cant be the reason it doesnt work!"

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  12. yeah dude a never good, fyi
  13. Ok heres an update,,,It wasnt the chip at all...It was the baord that was fried..My chip wasnt cracked but after reading that I thought that possibly using the aftermarket heatsink may have damgaed the chip in some way although nothing was visible...Thanks for all your help...
  14. Alright, as long as u found ur problem and it works now =)

    just remember..."aftermarket" heatsinks usually are better than the AMD supplied one in the retial box....but yea.....

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