Intel Atom N570 + ION 2 vs Intel SU4100 + GMA 4500 MHD

What is better for general computing and YouTube videos? Gaming is not really a concern for me. I'm traveling abroad to study, so battery life/general performance is most important, although I would like to be able to watch HD videos.

Option 1: Asus eee PC with Intel Atom dual core N570 1.66Ghz and Nvidia ION 2 GPU. 1GB DDR3 RAM (Probably will upgrade to 2GB)

Option 2: MSI Wind 12" with Intel dual core SU4100 1.3Ghz and GMA 4500 MHD. (Will install either 2GB or 4GB ddr2 RAM.)

I want whichever is faster. Another concern is that option 1 supports a maximum of 2GB DDR3 RAM, whereas option 2 supports a maximum of 4GB DDR2 RAM.

Is 4GB DDR2 better than 2GB DDR3?

Thank you.
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  1. i also have the same question. although now, im choosing between 10.1 in. netbooks w/ the new atom n2800/n2600 or the one with su4100 & 13 inches released last year. pls help us :)
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