CPU will not shut off after shutdown.

I need some help to resolve a conflict with my cpu. Every time I shutdown, my power light is still on and my fans will run. My cpu says it is shutting down and my monitor goes out, but if I hit the reset button my cpu comes right back on. I'm running win 2k pro.
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  1. Dont refer to your computer as 'CPU', ive heard that some people in this forum can get very angry about that. CPU = Central Processing Unit, a component of your computer.

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  2. When the desk top screen is displayed press Ctrl Alt Delete to see what applications are running.

    Click on Start
    Click on Control Panel
    Double Click on Display
    Click on Screen Saver
    Click on Power
    Make adjustments to settings so your computer will shut down when you press the power button.
    Click on Apply
    Restart computer.

    If that does not work go into the BIOS and check the advanced power options.

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