Is explorer.exe suppossed to be using this much of my memory?

So I just installed the Windows 7 Enterprise 90 day trial (I don't have the money for Windows 7 just yet) and I went to Task manager and saw this.

Is that normal?!?!?
Here's my specs:

AMD Athlon ii X2 250 Regor 3.0Ghz Dual Core
2GB Dual Channel DDR2 RAM
Windows 7 Enterprise (90 day trial)
Nvidia Geforce 7600GS w/ 256MB DDR2 memory
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  1. Yeah, it's normal. Explorer caches a LOT of stuff so that it can respond quickly. Wait 'till you see how much your web browser uses...

    Don't sweat it, that's well under 2% of your memory.
  2. Awesome! Thank you for the nice answer. :) Yeah I just looked. Firefox uses... 67MB with just this post page open. tsk tsk. Chrome is nice, but is also a resource hog, since everything it does has it's own process. Thank you very much! =D
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