XBOX a pc?!?!?!?!

what do u guys think? will you ever get use the xbox as a pc as well? seems pretty interesting.

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  1. It's possible. In fact, the only thing keeping it from happening right now is the microsoft safeguards. A friend of mine is working on cracking it, but he's stuck right now. (Been stuck for 3 months)

    Driver support will be a little shaky, but compatibility with windows should be fine.

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  2. on cracking which part?

    The greatest risk of all is not taking one!
  3. The bigger question is WHY would you want to? Xbox is a piece of crap and unless you're posting this message from a pentium 66 or something.... you already got better :P
  4. How about everything in a pc.

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  5. Most game systems like N64 to xBox are junk. When a computer speed are the same to 3 times the speed of them.
  6. well, because that peice of crap isn't as expensive as a pc itself... that's why!!

    The greatest risk of all is not taking one!
  7. Yeah but its more expensive in the long run. If you buy a brand new console for £300, and then about 10 games for £45 each. Thats about £950. Then in a couple of years time a new console comes out and your old one is obsolete. You cant just upgrade your old console and you cant sell it because noone wants it. Your forced to go and spend £950 all over again.
    Well with a PC, even though most parts must be updated every now and then some of the bits can be used over and over again. Also you can update tiny things every now and again just to slightly increase performance. Also it usually takes about 7 or 8 years to become completely obselete, even a p100 can still run office etc. Also you can build your own computers really cheap. I know that with some of my old stuff (Case, modem, monitor etc) I could build a whole new p4 system for around £600, and that would last me for quite a while. Also, Pc games arent dedicated to one type of system. They can run on any PC so you dont need to get a whole new system just to play the latest games (i.e. I can still play most games perfectly with my p3 system).

    I hope you all now understand my opinion...

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