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Anyone know the Specs on the Current Intel HSF? I intend to buy the P4 (533FSB) 2.53GHz CPU but am uncertain whether to use the packages HSF or not. The reason for why is that I'm a bit of a tart and like the Copper Coolermaster fan.

I read a review on Fostytech about the Coolermaster IHC-H71 and it rank up at 2 place amongst many for performance. However the noise level was amongst the highest. This is due to the 6000rpm fan attached.

Coolermaster also retail the same Heatsink with a 2500rpm fan attached. This is the IHC-L71 model. Therfore this is the one I quite fancy.

However on the same FrostyTech site ranks the Stock Intel HSF at around 7th. So what I am trying to do is rank roughly the lowerspeed Coolermaser that I like as Frosty havent reviewed it yet. If the Intel is of a similer fan speed, I reckon the coolermaster will hold its own still based on the copper Heatsink?

You probably guesed that i've fell in love with the heatsink? I won't however go mad and replace an Intel stock fan with a lower performance HSF. If the Coolermaster is even only on par with the Intel then thats good enough for me.

Check out the review on the noisy version >>

I'm rattling on now, Question reminder - What fan speed is the Intel Stock HSF? And remember i'm trying to validate whether the quiter Coolermaster IHC-L71 is still as good a performer as the Intel Stock

Phew, done ;-)

-= LtZ GoAtFaCe =-

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  1. Ok Kinda made me mind up, Probably go with the Stock one?

    However, How do you know Online if your buying a boxed CPU with HSF? I was going to but the 2.53 *FSB533* CPU from SCAN but am now wondering if it comes on its own or with a HSF. If on its own then that would explain why is well priced. Would you still recomend the Intel fan if you had to buy it seperate as opose to an even better one? SCAN sell the Intel Stock Fan for only £9.99, which make it sound like a pants fan in comparison, but obviously not. Where would you recomend buying a boxed CPU & HSF from. I was thinking DAB's for £231?

    -= LtZ GoAtFaCe =-

    AKA - "Goaty" because there's another Goatface :-(
  2. If it says OEM... you get no HS/FAN unless you pay for it seperately. "Retail Box" is what you'd be looking for.
  3. I very recently got a P4 2.4B and it comes with quite a nice HSF. The fan, at least, is made by Sanyo Denki, and the heatsink seems to be aluminum... although not sure about that. In BIOS, it reports the fan speed to be ~2800-2900RPM. It's very quite and can't hear it over the ~32dBa 80mm case fans I've got.

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  4. <A HREF="" target="_new">Komplett</A>
    A bit cheaper £202
  5. Forgot,
    The retail P4 heatsink spins at 2400-3400rpm (can't remember exactly but it's something like that)
    It's temp controlled, hitting max speed at about 40C (temp measured at fan intake}
    Noise level, not found any accurate figures but <30db
    On my 1.6@2.4 rig it only hit 3000rpm on the hottest days of this summer. I only have 2 quiet low rated (approx. 20cfm) case fans, the loudest part of my rig is the hdd.
  6. Hey Cheers everyone,

    Quite impressed with that Komplett site too. Have anybody else ordered from there before? Looks good enough. Reckon that be where I get it ;-)


    ps - Saw the MSI GF4 Ti4200 128Mb Graphics I want there too also quite cheap ;-)

    -= LtZ GoAtFaCe =-

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  7. Kommplett's got 4 out of 5 star rating on
    So I think there a good reseller. I haven't used them myself as ebuyer had the parts I wanted (GF3 Ti200) a little cheaper.
    Kommplett are usually cheaper for CPU's and sometimes vidcards.
    If your going to build a P4 DDR overclocking rig then

    <A HREF="" target="_new">overclockers</A>
    sell Corsair 256MB DDR XMS3200 CAS2 £88
    or Samsung Original 256MB PC2700 CAS-2.5 £55
  8. You the man,

    Chuffed with that site, Just amended most of my wishlist because most was cheaper at Komplett ;-)

    Cheaper HDD, CPU and the HP DVD 200i was only £225. Smashin...

    Looks like i'll probably get me G4 Ti4200 128MB there too, £135.

    Thanks again buddy !

    -= LtZ GoAtFaCe =-

    AKA - "Goaty" because there's another Goatface :-(
  9. Hey, just looking at that site, you may wanna just get a P4 2.4B. It's 162 and the 2.53 is 202. Not worth the extra 40 pounds, but if you've gotta have the 2.53, by all means get it.

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