Is it easy to change motherboard on gateway laptop myself

i have a gateway laptop model MS2273 - it does not power on. I plugged in adapter and the laptop still does not turn on. I took it to a computer guy and he told me the mother board nneds to be changed. I am not convinced as the laptop was working the night before. I gave him my adapter and he also tells me the adapter is not the right one. I only have one lapto and i have been using the adpter for 16 months now.
the price he is quoting to f a new motherboard is $175 and I am not sure if I should change the motherboard or buy a new laptop since I only bought this in maqrch 2010?
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  1. I would buy another laptop.
  2. OMG. You want to make life difficult for yourself?

    Toss the gateway and grab a nice strong Toshiba or something.
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