What does MB max mean

I am trying to send an application and attach my resume. I can't send it using wps
i need to send an 8 MB max. What does that mean and how do I do it+
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  1. 8MB = 8,000,000 bytes, and 1 byte = one character in your document (which also contains a lot of extra info).

    If I'm reading you correctly, your e-mail provider or the person you're sending it to won't be able to accept a file that's larger than 8MB. So before you send the email, look in Widows Explorer and check the size of your file to make sure it's less than 8MB.

    In fact, the e-mail system will EXPAND your file slightly when it packages it up, so you should probably try to keep the size of your file to less than 5-6MB or so.
  2. Hello patria,

    Sounds like you have an 8MB limit for sending email from your email service.


    John M
    Microsoft Windows Client Support
  3. If it's only text that you're sending (without pictures) it should be well under your limit, as sminlal said just check first
  4. And if the file is bigger than your limit then you can try a service like YouSendIt to send the file instead.
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